The R.M.A. is not a motorcycle club, it´s a brotherhood of motorcycle riding

Rock´n´Rollers. Our credo is:


The inner core is represented by the R.M.A. Ambassadors crew. We are a real life international community. You find our Ambassadors on the roads of the following countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Belgium, USA, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Russia, Austria, England


The R.M.A wear is for everyone available, except the Ambassadors stuff. You´ll find it here in the shop. If you want to be part of our world, drop us a line, an Ambassador of your region will get in touch with you.


Remember when you´re buying our gear, you pay for a statement, the shirt comes for free. Rockabilly Motorcycle Association and the Cards and Flames logo(R) are trademarks, registered world wide.



All logos and designs of Rockabilly Motorcycle Association are trademark-protected (TM) and protected according to international law. Copying and other use is not allowed.


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